Ahmed Al Kamali was born on Oct 22, 1958, he attended 2 schools in Deira (Dubai side) actually 4 schools in all. His first year ( 1964) he attended Al Mahd School. He later attended Primary school, studied very hard and finished in 2 years by 1976. During this time in Dubai the school system was very difficult and the studying work load was intensive, but by the age of 12yrs Ahmed was already making lengthy speeches in school which lead him on his way to a strong foundation for his future. In 1976 Ahmed left home to study in Cairo. Leaving home was difficult but the decision was made by government as he was a bright young man. He attended the University of Cairo from 1976-1980.

In his last year he had a change in his education plans and was admitted into The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS), commonly known simply as Sandhurst, is the British Army officer initial training centre. The Academy is the British Army equivalent of the Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth, Royal Air Force College Cranwell and the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines.The Academy’s stated aim is to be “the national centre of excellence for leadership”. He completed RMAS on 8-8-80 .

He later went onto finish at the University but not without representing the British Army in Track and Field and Cross Country at the Royal Military Academy.

Ahmed pursued his education and by 1993 Ahmed went on to get a Masters in International Law with specialization in Criminal Law.


His Sports Career began quite early in 1972 he began representing his school in Road Races.

In 1973 he represented Dubai School in Road Races and Athletic Track and Field. By 1974 he for the first time represented the country in Basra, Iraq in the GCC Track and Field Competitions; this was before the UAE Athletic Federation was formed in November of 1976.

He later went on to represent the country in 1976 5th Pan Arab Games were held in Damascus, Syria between October 6 and October 21, 1976. 2174 athletes from 11 countries participated in events in 18 sports.

In 1978 he was the first in the country to compete in the 8th Asian Games which were held from December 9, 1978 to December 20, 1978 in Bangkok, Thailand.

From 1978-1988 Ahmed was on the fast track to athletic stardom for his Country, he entered many GCC, Arab, Asian, Military and Olympic Competitions. By 1988 all his efforts paid off and he was awarded Best Sportsman in the UAE.

In June of 1988 he was unanimously elected General Secretary of the UAE Athletic federation. Until today he is the only Board member to have worked with all Presidents of the Federation. While he is the 7th President he has worked closely with all 6 previous Presidents as an athlete, an assistant coach a National Coach, a Team manager, General Secretary and now President.

In 1986 Ahmed felt a strong need to assist in doing philanthropy work and organized a Run for Africa raising 1.8 million AED for the children of Africa.

He was awarded the Peace award from UNICEF for the highest amount ever collected for a fundraising event.

Between the years of 1988-2010 Ahmed organized more that 100 Road races, cross country races and marathons.

He was always serious about his goals and his work; he still continues to work hard as President of the UAE Athletic Federation, Chairman of the GCC Organizing Athletic Committee as well as Chairman of The Dubai Marathon and the 5k Women’s Run. He still continues his philanthropy work supporting Children’s Races and Running various Running Clubs. Ahmed remains a popular icon in the UAE community and in social activities.

He is very social, amicable and well liked in Dubai Society, he is also very popular with all aspects of media.

The media consults with Ahmed on various aspects of sports consultation as he is a key figure in the UAE sports arena. He is a major supporter of Club level cycling, swimming, karate, table tennis and all athletics to name a few.

He has built up tremendous group support from running fanatics and a plethora of running organizations in the community, In 1997 he started the Dubai Marathon with 50 participants to 14,000+ in 2011. The Local Media crowns him ”King of Marathons”

With all of this history the GCC has chosen Ahmed as 2008-2013 Chairman of the Organizing Committee

He is very popular among Arab, Asian and GCC Countries. His goals are to have athletics in the UAE as the leading sports in the country and have females on the podium of all International Events.

The Federation started with 19 clubs and centers when he took over as President and now under his reign there are 24 clubs and centers. There existed 652 athletes when he started his tenure and now there are 1850 athletes under his jurisdiction.

Since his Presidency in 2008 to the UAE Athletic Federation the UAE was awarded the 1st Arab Gold Medal, 1st Asian Gold Medal, 1st West-Asian Gold Medal and the Sheik Mohammed Award as Best Sports institute in the UAE

He continues to strive forward and is planning to organize the Asian Championships and Athletic Diamond league.

Looking towards the future, the Federation is also presently building 2 tracks/stadiums to the cost of 10.4 million US Dollars, due to his close relations with government and private sector officials.


As a law firm his practice is open since 1982 until today. He attends most UAE and GCC courts with a huge list of clientele in government and private sector corporations and personal clients.

Al Kamali Law Firm continues to thrive and be one of the most successful Law Firms with 3 Branches in the Main Cities of the UAE.


Ahmed was married on June 20, 1976 and shares his life with his lovely wife Fatima and 4 children. He resides in Dubai and continues to be a key figure in his Family relations and a true Family man.